2024 - Les Foulées du Gois in Noirmoutier on June 29, 2024

Take part in the Foulées du Gois during your stay at Camping Le Bois Joli Vendée in Noirmoutier!

Every year, the Foulées du Gois are an unmissable sporting event which takes place on the famous Passage du Gois. This one-of-a-kind race offers an exceptional experience for runners and spectators.
The Passage du Gois, this submersible road classified as a historic monument, is transformed into an exciting racing field during this event. Riders brave the tides and embark on a memorable adventure on this scenic route. The difficulty of the terrain and the particular conditions make the Foulées du Gois a stimulating and exciting sporting challenge.
By participating in the Foulées du Gois, you will have the opportunity to discover this natural wonder while engaging in an enriching sporting activity. Whether you are a seasoned runner looking for new challenges or simply a fan of unique races, this event is for you.
Camping Le Bois Joli is ideally located to enjoy the Foulées du Gois. After the race, you can relax and recharge your batteries in our friendly campsite and enjoy our quality facilities.
Don't miss the opportunity to take part in this exceptional race during your stay at the Bois Jolie campsite near Noirmoutier. Book your stay at Camping Le Bois Joli Vendée now and prepare for an unforgettable sporting experience!
Mark your calendars: SATURDAY JUNE 29, 2024 An exceptional opportunity in a unique location in Europe
Having a site like the Passage du Gois on its territory is undoubtedly an advantage. But how to highlight it? It was from this question that the idea was born, in 1986, of organizing a race against the rising tide on the legendary cobblestones of Gois, preceded by popular races open to all on the open road.
Each year, the Foulées du Gois mobilize two doctors, 25 rescue workers and two Zodiacs, as well as the famous "Red Caps", the approximately 250 volunteers of the "Les Amis du Gois" association. The oyster farmers provide their support by making their barges available to allow the media to follow live and in images the fight of the runners against the rising tide. The “Étoile Sportive du Marais” association (ESM Challans) provides technical support.
The Foulées du Gois, which has become an internationally renowned sporting event, has managed to preserve the family spirit that has inspired it for more than thirty years. New for 2022 has been introduced: a new race of 30 male and female athletes with a falling tide, offering a different approach and racing technique.
The Foulées du Gois is an event not to be missed. Come and take part in this unique experience and join us to experience exceptional moments in this emblematic place.
For more information on the Foulées du Gois and to register, visit the website: Link to the Foulées du Gois website


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