Saint Jean de Monts

Located near the campsite, the town of Saint Jean de Monts is an essential stopover during your stay at the Le Bois Joli Vendée campsite with its lagoon!

Discover the wonders of Saint Jean de Monts, an unmissable seaside resort on the Côte de Lulmière in Vendée, located just 20 km from our campsite, Le Bois Joli Vendée, in Bois-de-Céné.
Appreciated for its exceptional natural environment, its architectural heritage and its summer activities, Saint Jean de Monts is an idea for a family outing.
During your stay near Saint Jean de Monts, here are some activities not to be missed:
- Enjoy the largest beach in Vendée, which extends over 14 kilometers. It is the perfect place to learn or practice sand yachting.
- Walk through the vast 700-hectare national forest, a true wooded gem created under Napoleon III.
- Discover the Breton Vendée marshes, a unique natural site in France, covering 45,000 hectares of canals, wet meadows and polders.
- Stroll along the pier, a large pontoon on the sea, and admire the breathtaking view of the ocean.
- Visit the Saint-Jean church, dating from the 11th century, the oldest monument in the town.
If you are looking for a campsite to rent near Saint Jean de Monts, do not hesitate to contact our 3-star campsite, Le Bois Joli,
on 02 51 68 20 05, to find out our availability. We will be delighted to welcome you and help you spend an unforgettable vacation in our beautiful region.
WE LIKE: a list of popular and appreciated activities in Saint Jean de Monts, based on feedback from many visitors:
The beach: Saint Jean de Monts has the largest fine sand beach on the Vendée coast, offering an ideal setting for relaxing, swimming and enjoying the sun.
Water sports: The seaside resort offers a multitude of water activities such as sand yachting, kite surfing, windsurfing, catamaran, etc. It is a popular destination for board sports enthusiasts.
The national forest: The vast forest of Saint Jean de Monts offers numerous hiking and cycling trails, allowing you to walk in the heart of preserved nature and discover a diverse fauna and flora.
The Breton Vendée marsh: This exceptional natural area is a true haven of peace where you can observe a wide variety of birds and unique marshy landscapes. Boat trips are offered to explore this preserved natural environment.
Summer entertainment: Saint Jean de Monts offers a wide range of entertainment and events throughout the summer, such as concerts, shows, night markets and fireworks, creating a festive and friendly.
The Pier: This is a large pontoon on the sea which offers a panoramic view of the ocean, allowing visitors to admire the seascape and enjoy a pleasant stroll by the sea.
The architectural heritage: Saint Jean de Monts is home to the Saint-Jean church, a historic monument dating from the 11th century, as well as other interesting buildings to discover during a stroll in the town.
These activities and places are among the most popular attractions in Saint Jean de Monts and are enjoyed by many visitors each year.
contact the 4-star campsite Le Bois Joli on 02 51 68 20 05 to find out availability.
Photo credit: A.Lamoureux-Vendee Expansion /Saint Jean de Monts


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